From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Leonard, I'm glad that you got it set up now.

So yeah, even if you have larger sized rounded corners, try to think "Fillet" for those for doing those as well.

> Is it possible to add first priority sensitivity to lock onto
> the end point of the target and a lesser sensitivity to a
> sensitive spot not far from the end point?

Sorry, I can't quite follow exactly what this is about - could you possibly attach an screenshot or some kind of a drawing to help me understand which kind of end points you are referring to here?

Is this about drawing the 4 little connection lines between the corners of the 2 large surfaces?

When you want to draw a small line, you've just got to zoom in a ways until the points that you want to pick are not so very close together on the screen, there really is not any good substitute that I know of for that... If you don't want to zoom in by scrolling the mouse wheel you can use the Area zoom tool to go into a more specific area in one step.

> Unfortunately, I often get bogged down hunting errant points.

Possibly when you are placing the points you are not zoomed in enough to be able to see more clearly what you are snapping to - try to get in a habit of zooming in closer to your target areas when you initially draw things, and also make sure you have object snaps enabled when you are drawing, and pay attention to what is shown on the little labels that show up, like for example if you want to get an end, make sure you see that word "End" showing in the label. It speeds things up a lot if you can lock your lines into the correct spot right when they are first drawn.

If you are not zooming in and then using Reset to go back out again quite often, you are probably working too much on small details at too far out of a zoom level. Don't wait to get frustrated that it is hard to pick things - try to preemptively zoom in to work on stuff. Same thing can apply to selection as well as picking points.

- Michael