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Yep, I used a boole and the curve was too inboard, I guess.

Thanks for your tutorial. I used my copy and worked through it without a problem - except I hit a wrong key on my Mac, froze it and lost that file. I just repeated it and it looks great.

A workflow issue is the time consumed having to max. zoom in to connect points. Following your tutorial, I had this problem and I had to go in and find the culprit. Is it possible to add first priority sensitivity to lock onto the end point of the target and a lesser sensitivity to a sensitive spot not far from the end point? In this case, until I zoom way in, the two end points looked connected.

Once again, your workflow was much faster than what I thought was a fast workflow. Unfortunately, I often get bogged down hunting errant points.

I see the last V2 beta is up; I'll check that out.