From:  Michael Gibson
3177.10 In reply to 3177.9 
Hi Leonard, well you can actually make it set up to have end with greater weight right now, because you can set it so that the only snap enabled is End.

To do that, go to the little menu that pops up over the Object Snap button here:

When you click on that arrow, this menu will pop up:

Go to the one labeled End and right-click on it - when you do that all the other snaps will turn off and leave only End enabled:

Now when you move your mouse around, the only thing you will grab on to are Ends.

Go back there and right-click on End again to re-enable the other ones if you need them later.

That gives you some explicit control over which kind of snaps will be available.

A weighting effect could be good to experiment with in the future as well, but it may have a problem of it kind of "drowning out" other snaps without quite as much explicit control as this checkbox menu gives you.

- Michael