Multi core support ?

 From:  OlaHaldor
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The largest IGES and STEP files I've received is about 200mb, with every nut and bolt needed for the construction to look just like the real deal. Not that I necessary need it for the visualization I do for them, but that's what I get from them, therefore it's a tedious stage to deselect all and select only what I want to export in several stages to individual object files.

I totally understand programming is hard work, there's a reason I don't do that kind of work and rather let others do it instead ;-)
I never thought about the fact that the reason for this time consuming job was due to the writing of a bank of undo/redo. Thanks for clearing that.

I'll see if I find a workaround for the scale/rotate work for LightWave and keep you guys posted. I guess I'm not the only LW user in here.

Again, thanks a bunch for your time!

Edit: I went into Options and under View -> Meshing parameters I set the Mesh angle to a larger number while I'm just scaling and rotating. This made the handling of these procedures quicker than before.

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