Multi core support ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ola, so pretty much what you are describing is what you should expect on an extremely heavy model.

You just need to employ some patience when working with such large data sets.

It sounds like the import, and export steps themselves are reasonable - sounds like around 10 to 15 minutes for those parts all together?

That's a major improvement from MoI v1 where the mesh generation stage would probably take more like 1-2 hours on such a heavy model. In MoI v2 with various optimizations in addition to multi-core, that mesh generation stage is probably clocking in about 50 times faster than v1 on your 8-core machine.

It sounds like your biggest sink of time is trying to edit this huge model inside of MoI - if you can avoid that step and edit the model in LightWave maybe that would work better if you can avoid crashing LightWave, probably best would be to split the model up into some smaller pieces instead of just one huge chunk. You can do that by selecting parts of the model in MoI and using File/Export, which writes out only the selected objects to the file.

Probably one of the big time sinks when trying to edit the model in MoI is the undo units that are generated when you edit a model. Right now every edit that you do on a model will store a compressed full copy of that object in the undo stack so it can be restored. There is not currently any way to entirely disable undo, but I will see about adding that in.

If your model is so huge that you cannot really edit it inside of MoI or LightWave either, then you really need to break it into some separate file pieces instead of trying to deal with it all at once.

> I don't remember at this moment if all the cores are in action
> when I rotate or scale the models. Should it use all the cores?

No, that will not make use of multiple cores currently - the mesh generation stage is the only area of MoI that employs multiple threads right now.

My guess is that it is probably not so much the rotation or scale transforms themselves that are bogging you down but rather the generation of undo units.

Unfortunately making a program use multiple cores is one of the most difficult programming tasks that exist, and it is very easy to have subtle errors that are hard to track down and reproduce. So it isn't something that I can easily just immediately add to every piece of MoI across the board (which seems to be what you are expecting?), it has to be done with extreme care so it will be a targeted thing. For v2 the mesh generation at export which was usually the single most time consuming area was targeted.

> If I un-check weld edges, will I be able to select a polygon and
> hit "Select connected" then?

No probably not - so you will probably want to leave it checked. Checking it just causes some additional work to be done after the mesh generation stage, after you push the OK button on the meshing options dialog. But you are saying that stage is going very quickly for you anyway so there is no need to try and speed up that step.

- Michael