Multi core support ?

 From:  OlaHaldor
3166.13 In reply to 3166.12 
I think you mentioned this earlier, but I didn't get it back then. :) So I stand corrected on this multi-core support issue.
I don't remember at this moment if all the cores are in action when I rotate or scale the models. Should it use all the cores? I can check whether it does or not tomorrow when I'm at work again.

The import process takes somewhere between 3-10 minutes, depending on what model I load. Sometimes less than a minute if it's a really simple model with VERY few things going on.

The import is one thing, but I'd like to scale and rotate too, since the scale of the models I receive is 150-200m high, while it should be more like 1,3m high. So scaling and reposition takes some time, maybe 15-60 minutes per model depending on how long I have to wait between scale/move actions in order to get it more or less correct.
Mesh generation is fast. About a minute when the the quality slider is set to about 10 or 8 maybe. Saving is no problem at all. Blink of an eye, and you'll lose it.

In total it comes down to somewhere between 20-60min per model to import, scale/move and then export.

I could do this in LightWave Modeler, but it takes far more time, and it will sometimes make Modeler crash due to the insane amount of polygons. We'll see if I can find a workaround somehow :)

If I un-check weld edges, will I be able to select a polygon and hit "Select connected" then? I honestly haven't tried to un-check welded edges. But renaming and grouping certain parts of the object to get some parts as rubber, something else as plastic or metal, it's crucial to be able to select a few polygons and hit the shortcut for "select connected" and then have the entire part selected and then apply a new surface.