Llittle Surf headache

 From:  Michael Gibson
3158.11 In reply to 3158.10 
Hi Pilou,

> Does it possible to imagine that as a script of a commun
> function? As an "extract generator" or it's trivial as just
> the box frame can do the job?

It's hard to make an automatic function because it is not always clear to the algorithm which direction the 3D curves should be flattened to.

The flattening happens quite quickly anyway with the frame edit.

One other thing to note - this model is kind of messy, it looks like it was not mirrored with very good accuracy, there are parts that overlap.

For example in the Right side view:

If you zoom in a bit you can see the overlap:

The pieces do not mate exactly and they are not centered around the origin, they kind of lean to one side and each piece sticks through the other instead of touching the other exactly.

So that's going to cause a variety of problems such as surfaces not joining, etc..., so probably the model needs to be tuned up to be more accurate to get better results.

- Michael