measuring angles

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mark, like Pilou shows there it's the next control over from the distance one.

When you are drawing a line for example, the angle in the plane that the line forms will display there.

So for example if you draw a line that is going directly towards the right , that's an angle of 0, it's as if you also drew in a second line from the same base point going in the x axis direction and then got the angle between the 2 lines.

Another possibility might be to use the Transform/Rotate command and snap the reference points on to the things you want to measure. The angle parameter in the upper right corner of the screen for the Rotate command will update as you move those points around.

But really this is an unfinished area of MoI right now - at the moment it is probably best to export your model data to another CAD program that has those measuring features in it, like dimensions and stuff like that. I do plan on making some steps to add more functions for measurement in v3 though.

- Michael