Surface curve segment lines visible in C4D

 From:  Michael Gibson
3147.7 In reply to 3147.6 
Hi Leonard,

> Is this right or am I doing something wrong?

As far as I can tell it looks like your model is all correct and it has imported into Cinema4D properly.

Are you seeing a dark edge there due to it being in a shadowed part in relation to your light source? That's what it looks like anyway.

I tested exporting your last posted model as an OBJ file out of MoI and then into Cinema4D v10 and I could not find any problems, it looks like this after the import into C4D:

And doing a render looks like this:

Since I did not add any lights manually that ends up with the default "headlight" that just shines straight forward along the viewing direction.

You could try either deleting all your lights which I think will get you the default headlight again, or you might try moving your lights more to the side or something to get more even illumination?

Or if there is a global illumination option for getting more diffuse light evenly spread out you might want to enable that.

- Michael