Surface curve segment lines visible in C4D

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Pilou, is that your best shot? From a disgruntled employee? Just kidding. I am joking. ;)

There apparently is a 2003 edition available in English but it might be a reduced and diluted version of the original.

I did find this at the Foundation Le Corbusier:

"In 1925, at the time when he conceived the Pavillon de l'Esprit Nouveau, Le Corbusier turned to the problem of furniture as part of home equipment. He sketched several designs for furniture, and at the Salon d'Automne in 1929 presented, in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret et Charlotte Perriand, several models, including an armchair with tip-up back, a big and small version of the grand confort armchair, a chaise longue, a table and standard storage units." Below this passage is a list of furniture with picture hot links and it includes the LC4. (English version)

Edit: Pilou, it would not surprise me that Perriand designed LC4. It is common (here) for partners to take credit for designs created in their firms by others. Much of the time they do not include the designer's name in the credits. Good firms include the names.

Again, the comment above was just joking.

Back to modeling. Michael, again, I really enjoy Moi3D!


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