Surface curve segment lines visible in C4D

 From:  nycL45
WOW! Michael, I did not mean for you to do all this on your Saturday. You certainly made vast improvements. Thanks and I appreciate your effort!

Yep, the lighting was just rough. Actually it was arranged for earlier C4D cushion attempts that had lots of geometry issues. About the turned off light, #4, it was off to demonstrate that the shadow area ended in a hard edge instead of a gradual transition to light despite lots of light and reflective surfaces. Scale is another factor. The C4D file I posted has the cushion about half the size it should be in that space with those lights.

Hi Pilou, you caught me short cutting, including omitting the "Le" from Le Corbusier. At least I did not refer to him as Corb or Corbu. ;-) This is what I have from my limited research: Le Corbusier (born Charles Edouard Jeanneret), opened a studio with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret in 1922. Charlotte Perriand joined the studio in 1927. The Chaise Longue, LC4, dates 1928 and is attributed to Le Corbusier, Perriand & Jeanneret. Source: Chapter 7, page 73, Master's Thesis "The Beauty of Fit: Proportion and Anthropometry in Chair Design" by Caroline Kelly, Georgia Institute of Technology, April 2005 and available here (Apologies for the sloppy attribution.)

That is a great picture, Pilou. I do not recall another picture with a person on the LC4.

Thanks again for the help. Have a great weekend.