From:  Michael Gibson
3146.4 In reply to 3146.1 
Hi andras,

> is 3point defined workplane possible in the future?

Actually, that is possible right now in v2 with the View / CPlane command like Burr shows above (look in the View section in the Side pane).

The CPlane command has 2 steps to it, the first prompt is "Pick CPlane origin", where you pick the origin point of the cplane. If the origin point is snapped on to an object, it will try to align itself with that object, for example if snapped on to a surface it will align the initial z axis direction to be along the surface normal.

Then the second step in the CPlane command is the "Adjust axis orientation" prompt - this allows you to drag on an axis to orient them towards a specific point.

If during that stage you drag to place 2 different axis lines, then that will be the equivalent of a "3point" defined plane, since you will then have specified the 3 points - origin point + 2 axis points.

I do have some updates coming for the CPlane command in the next beta, which is described some in this previous post:

- Michael