Making polygon tagent to circle

 From:  Michael Gibson
3141.2 In reply to 3141.1 
Hi Mark, I need to add in an option to the polygon tool for that.

Currently without the "Inscribed" or "Circumscribed" options, you instead need to make a polygon that is inside the circle like this (with just the current polygon tool):

Then select the polygon and use the Transform / Scale command to scale it up to the correct size.

With the Scale command, you can either enter in a scale factor, or pick 2 reference distances to determine the scale factor. For this case you want to pick the origin of the scale at the center point, then the first reference point on the midpoint of a polygon edge, then the second reference point on the endpoint of the polygon edge (or anywhere on the circle actually for the second reference point).

That will increase the polygon in size so the midpoint of the edge is now touching the circle, giving you the tangent result.

It looks like this:

- Michael