MoI to 3D-Coat: needing advice

 From:  Michael Gibson
3140.7 In reply to 3140.6 
Hi Colin,

> So wondering if I would I keep the "Weld Vertices" ticked
> ON when doing the OBJ Export from MoI in these cases?

Probably it will make no difference - that means where there are 2 polygons from different surfaces that touch one another, whether there will be a single 3D vertex that they share in common ("welded"), or whether each polygon will have its own separate vertices but they are stacked up on top of each other in the same location.

Probably you would want it welded if you were going to be mushing the polygon data itself around, but if you are doing voxel editing you are not doing that, the polygons are converted into voxels when you bring them in and then you are working a big soup of voxel information instead of polygon information after that.

An "unwelded" OBJ file does have a slightly less complicated structure to it though, so unchecking weld is something that you can try if a program just seems to be choking on trying to figure out how to read the file at all. I think that particular thing is not too likely to be an issue here though.

- Michael