MoI to 3D-Coat: needing advice

 From:  Michael Gibson
3140.5 In reply to 3140.4 
Hi Colin, you also may want to scale it up by 10 times in MoI first, rather than doing it after the import into the Voxel Room.

Possibly the conversion to voxels (voxels are little boxes similar to a bitmap pixel, it stands for "volume pixel") is happening during the initial import step and when you scale up, you are scaling the already voxelized result up.

So it's kind of similar to how you can get visible jaggies to appear when you try to scale up a small bitmap to a larger size.

For OBJ export, there is a scale factor that you can have applied to your export automatically by setting the option in MoI under Options > Import/Export > OBJ options > Scale factor. That may be useful for this case.

- Michael