MoI to 3D-Coat: needing advice

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Colin, you will probably want to ask in the 3D-Coat forum:

For OBJ format probably the only option you may want to tweak is to set Output: Quads & Triangles rather than Output: N-gons, just to avoid any potential N-gon processing problems (which can tend to happen if a program has not been tested a lot with receiving complex polygons with a lot of points in them).

Other than that the same settings you use for STL would be fine, it's probably a good idea to use the "Divide larger than" like you were doing already to dice up the polygons into some smaller regular sized pieces.

Then like Paolo mentions you will probably need to adjust some settings on 3D-Coat to increase the voxel resolution.

OBJ may give you some better results in this case than STL because OBJ files contain some more information in them about which places are supposed to be hard (creased) edges are which places are actually supposed to appear as if they were smooth. So I would probably go for OBJ format for this kind of translation, it just gives 3D-coat more chance to understand how the model is supposed to be set up.

Also I think that 3D-Coat has a special version available (called the "CUDA" version) which can handle denser voxel settings more easily if you have a supported video card.

But you will probably want to post a screenshot and sample OBJ file over in the 3D-coat forum to get the best details back.

- Michael