From:  Michael Gibson
3139.3 In reply to 3139.1 
Hi Matt, there isn't any special just "one click to remove fillet" command...

I'm not sure where I would put a special "unfillet" command like that in the UI right now. I'm not sure that it comes up frequently enough for it to have its own entry next to Fillet for example.

The main way that comes to mind currently would be to use separate, extend, and then join like you mentioned.

But Michael T has a great suggestion there for an alternate way that has fewer steps than Separate + Extend + Join.

Using the Move command followed by control point deletion works like this:

Probably in v3 I'll be able to come up with some additional options as well, like one thing that I want to add is an option for changing a selected control point from a "smooth" point to a "corner" point. That would be another way to alter the point structure so that you could then delete the other adjacent ones.

Also in the future I'll probably be adding in some specialized "quick pick drawing cleanup" type tools, probably a generalized "RemoveSegment" command could get done at that time.

- Michael