move and copy enhancement suggestion

 From:  Michael Gibson
3132.2 In reply to 3132.1 
Hi andras,

> What about some extra instant shortcuts for direct inputs?

Actually, this already exists!

The shortcut for controlling the distance is to just directly type in the number and push <enter>.

When you start typing the number, you will see that keyboard focus automatically goes to the x,y,z control on the bottom toolbar, without needing to actually click on it.

If you then enter a single number in there it will set the distance constraint rather than taking it as an x,y,z coordinate (unless you type in 0 which is a shortcut for x,y,z = 0,0,0).

Similarly if you type in the < character first then followed by a number, that will be used to set the angle constraint. So for example if you want to do a quick constrain to 30 degrees for one pick, you can directly type in <30 and then press Enter without needing to actually click in the Angle constraint input box itself.

You can also enter in polar coordinates to place the next point at a specific distance and angle together, for example typing in 5<45 will place the second point of a line at 5 units and 45 degrees away from the previous point. This one is not a constraint but rather the same as if you had typed in an x,y,z coordinate - it defines a single coordinate and so it finishes the pick immediately.

There is an overview of what you can type in directly here:

- Michael