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 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
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Sorry for the slow reply guys. I couldn't live with the hull and started again. I have saved 59 times as I've attempted to create a fully one piece hull. In the end I couldn't achieve it and the very tail of the rudder section is a separate network. I persisted with it more as an exercise to see if I could do it one piece rather than any particular need for it to be one piece. At least this way the undercuts have gone.

Thanks JP for the photo and particularly the link to that scale model build. What an amazing model it is. I wish it was Kormoran he was doing. I'd have all the references I would need then. How is your model coming along?

Thanks Jamie for your kind words and interest in the model. Yes, I did know about the Rhino tutorial. We went through a lengthy post here throwing around ways of doing these hulls with MoI. In the end it was Jean-Paul's network method which has worked best for me. Normal and loose loft both had disadvantages I found, with loose loft creating a really nice smooth hull but one that wasn't close enough to the shape I needed at the deck line. I got a nice hull once lofting by waterlines rather than stations as shown by Burr but then couldn't replicate it a second time. Perhaps I'm missing a crucial point in that Rhino method. Perhaps it is those angled stations? One of the things that limits the way my hulls are done is lack of available info. I'm almost always limited to stations in the plans I have. Also, looking at the Rhino loose loft, it is too loose for my liking and wouldn't be accurate enough to represent a real world ship. A loose loft which could smooth out the inaccuracies in my station curves while at the same time maintaining that line at the deck would probably be ideal. That said, I think network largely achieves this in MoI with the waterlines seeming to direct the network somehow.

One thing though is that I'm still using more stations than Jean-Paul, particularly on this hull. I have found I need them to get the shape I want.

I'm rambling again so a couple of progress shots...


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