WIP - HSK Kormoran

 From:  JPBWEB
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Indeed, that screw thing got me puzzled too. It seems that the cut-out in the stern was because the two screws were very close to each other. I could not find any photo of that feature anywhere on the web. The other possibility would be that the blueprints are wrong. The good thing about lack of documentation is that you can go either way and nobody will be able to prove you wrong.

Nonetheless, modelling an obscure ship brings some serious challenges, as there are features of this ship that are not common, such as the collapsible gun platforms, the hatches concealing the guns in the hull etc.

Here is an interesting photo of the gun emplacements in the bow of the HSK Atlantis. I guess that Kormoran’s would have been similar with different guns though as these were WWI vintage while Atlantis had received modern 150mm quick firing guns.