WIP - HSK Kormoran

 From:  Mark Brown (MABROWN)
3130.11 In reply to 3130.9 
Many thanks for those tips Jean-Paul. I do a number of them now and definitely agree with the render often one (btw, what do you use for rendering?).

>Another area of frustration was that there are a few parts of the hull that need to get depth (at the bow mostly). This should be an easy case of using the Shell command, but for some reason, those parts when given depth, will not merge with the body of the ship (using Boolean). I suppose it is because there are tiny areas that are empty spaces where the parts do not overlap. I have resorted to giving the entire hull the required depth and then build up the enclosed space that forms the biggest part of the hull.

I'm having trouble guessing what these parts are. Do you mean depth for decking?

I'm looking forward to those WIP shots

>Remember to incorporate the "Coninc Curve" tool when you need to add on the small piece in the rudder area. If you can get your trig points, it will do a great job of keeping continuity in your curve drawing attachment points. You can always cut it in half after if you are working in section mode.

I'm having trouble working out what this is too. Is this a script I don't know about?