Bug in extrude? ( Possibly just a display bug ).

 From:  Michael Gibson
313.6 In reply to 313.5 
> Any advice on how I'd be able to track them down, should
> something similar happen again?

There isn't any especially easy way - for this one I went through and dragged each point to check. If you can drag a point away and then you see another one underneath it, then that's a stacked up point.

But a lot of times a stacked-up point will not have quite such a dramatic effect - sometimes it won't cause a problem until you try to do some kind of boolean or intersection operation in that area.

I wish I could just automatically process the curve to get rid of stacked-up points, but taking away a stacked-up point does change the shape of the curve in that area, so I'm kind of hesitant to do something automatically that changes the shape... Although I suppose I could just move it by a small amount like 0.01 units or something, that would have a pretty minimal change.

I guess that the way the points get stacked up is when you have 2 curves near each other and you drag the second-inside point and then it gets snapped on to the end of the other adjacent curve, I suppose it is also possible to detect this and not do the snap in this case, that could also help.

- Michael