Bug in extrude? ( Possibly just a display bug ).

 From:  Michael Gibson
313.4 In reply to 313.3 
Hi Colin, thanks for testing out the new image backgrounds. That's quite a long curve you've got there, you will probably like it once there is an undo for the last point built into curve drawing.

Anyway, there is one duplicated point in the long curve, at the end of it:

This one stacked up point is causing an error in the mechanism that determines inside versus outside of a shape. If you delete that one point (I have attached a version with it removed), it should then work ok.

It's unfortunate that stacked up points can cause problems since it is easy to snap them to each other... Eventually I hope that the geometry library that I'm using will be more tolerant of stacked up points, but it will probably be a while before that will happen.

- Michael