Bug in extrude? ( Possibly just a display bug ).

 From:  Colin
313.3 In reply to 313.2 
Hi Michael,

I'm seem to be having a problem with the "Extrude" in the 18 Jan version.
Being new to this, I'm not sure if it's just me (more than likely), a display setting or a bug??
I've already tried the "Add detail to inflections" with checked & unchecked, it made no difference.

Started trying out the new "Image" feature & it's great so far, which no doubt you'll add to & improve on.
Sketched out all of the birds outer shape with no problems, then Joined all lines together.
But I've run into a problem while trying to use the Extrude?
I've been able to Extrude the top section, but the bottom section doesn't seem to work properly??
Could you try the lower section & let me know? Extrude, with Caps checked, a distance of 0.5

regards Colin