From:  Michael Gibson
3129.7 In reply to 3129.6 
Hi Rainer, I can kind of repeat it now with the additional information about using a 10 revolution helix.

It seems to freeze up while calculating object snaps, it looks like it is when calculating the projected intersection point with the axis lines.

But over here anyway it only freezes for about 5 seconds and then resumes normal operation, and this is on a 6 year old slow P4 system... I don't see the minutes long freeze over here. Maybe it has to do with the particular radius of your helix as well, can you please post a 3DM file with the actual helix you are using it so I can test with the exact same one?

One thing you can do to avoid it currently is to go to Options > Snaps > Object snap options, and uncheck "Use apparent intersections" . That should probably disable the particular calculation that is taking a long time.

- Michael