Entering line lengths and circle diameters on the fly

 From:  Michael Gibson
3121.2 In reply to 3121.1 
Hi Mark,

> I've tried just starting to type, but that doesn't work.

Actually, just typing is supposed to work - did you possibly switch to some other application and not have MoI as the active application window when you started typing?

You should be able to just type in numbers and push enter without needing to click on anything.

So for example when drawing a line, if you want a line of length 5.5, simply type 5.5 <enter> and it will be constrained to be that length.

If you are drawing a circle and want it to be radius=5.5, when you are the "Pick radius" prompt you can just type 5.5 <enter> without actually needing to click on the control.

Is that not working for you?

When you type numeric digits, the keyboard focus will automatically go into the first available input field.

For drawing a circle, that will be that Radius control.

When drawing a line, it will be the x,y,z input control in the bottom toolbar - you can enter coordinates there like 2,2 for x=2, y=2 or if you enter in a single number that will be used as a distance constraint and the line you are drawing will have its second point restricted to be that specific distance away from the first point.

If typing in does not work for you, can you please give me a more detailed step-by-step description of exactly what you are doing? Like what you are clicking and what you are trying to type.

- Michael