Groups and the lock command

 From:  Michael Gibson
3120.2 In reply to 3120.1 
Hi Mark,

> Is there any way to group multiple objects together so
> that they can be all selected together, moved together,
> rotated together, etc.

Check out this previous thread for an answer:

> and would this have anything to do with the lock command
> which I can't find any documentation for?

No, locking is different - locking an object makes it so the object is visible on the screen but cannot be selected (unlike hiding which makes the object non-visible).

It's a way to remove objects from being targeted by selection but still keep them around either as visual or snapping references.

Locking is a new feature in v2 and the v2 features are not in the documentation yet, the only stuff covering them are the v2 beta release notes which are collected here:

- Michael