Sliders for "Divide larger/avoid smaller than"?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3117.2 In reply to 3117.1 
Hi Mark,

> Any chance that sliders could be added for the "Divide
> larger/avoid smaller than" options in the export dialog?

It's kind of a tough area to add sliders in because sliders inherently take a specific range of values to them.

With a distance value like "Divide larger than", the range that you would want to use can be totally different depending on the scale of the objects involved.

For example with one kind of model, a slider range of 1 unit to 7 units might be a good choice.

With another model, that range may be totally wrong, and instead a range of 0.01 to 0.1 would be better.

It's hard to define a single global range which a slider requires on a value like this which is way different between different models.

Anything that is scale dependent is hard to fit with a slider because of this.

The angle parameter works better to have a slider, since that one is not dependent on the model's size.

- Michael