Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  Michael Gibson
3114.9 In reply to 3114.8 
Hi Steve,

> Does fbx, dae, or lwo support parent/child hierarchy?

lwo does, and I think that fbx and dae probably do as well.

But keep in mind that just because a format supports having a hierarchy does not automatically mean that a program reading it also preserves it as well.

I'm not really sure in general if I'll be able to attempt to get groups exporting to other programs in MoI v2, that may be something that does not happen until v3.

I'll actually be kind of lucky to get groups just working well within MoI itself for v2 I think. Exporting tends to be a whole different world of difficulty.

> When I run the script on (1) chair object I end up with
> chair_1 to chair_12.

Sorry, I'm not following you - it seemed like in your screencap you did not just have a "chair" object, you had a variety of objects like "Legs", "Pole" etc...

So now I'm confused that you are talking about "chair" - what happened to all the individual pieces?

Maybe you can post your chair model so I can follow along more closely.

But the idea is that if you have a bunch of objects like "Legs", "Pole", "Seat", etc.., then if you duplicate all of those and run that script (without changing or assigning a new name to everything!) then you should end up with the legs on object1 being "Legs_1", the legs on object 2 being "Legs_2", etc... - does that not work for you?

- Michael