Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Steve,

> Well no, I was using that as an example.

So the problem then is having so many different possible ways to copy things - I mean just off the top of my head:

1. Array
2. ArrayDir
3. ArrayCircular
4. ArrayCurve
5. Transform/Copy
6. Rotate with "Make copies" option
7. Rotate axis with "Make copies" option
8. Scale with "Make copies" option
9. Scale2D with "Make copies" option
10. Scale1D with "Make copies" option
11. Mirror with "Delete input objects" disabled,
12. Edit/Paste (from clipboard)
13. the new "PastePart" command
14. File/Import
15. the new ImportPart command,
16. Ctrl+Drag on an object,
17. Ctrl+drag on the edit frame's rotation grip,
18. ctrl+drag on the edit frame's scaling corner.

That's what I can think of right now... So it's like you're talking about adding in something like 18 checkboxes into the UI - that's why it's not such a simple thing to add in.

It doesn't take too many of these kinds of options to be added in to 18 places in the UI before the UI becomes pretty full of stuff!

> Tried that some time ago, Same problem.

Which mesh program are you bringing this into by the way?

> I guess what I'm getting at is Nested Hierarchy.

Yeah, that will definitely be more of what Groups will be intended to do.

However, I don't think that it is going to be possible to export group hierarchies into every kind of polygon mesh export format - for example OBJ in particular does not have anything set up in it to have an actual parent/child hierarchy between different objects.

> It also shows the result of the "object name separator" script
> you provided (Thanks).

Does that script help you solve the immediate problem?

In your screencap, I noticed that you set all the pieces of your second copied object to the same name - doesn't that end up messing up your organization? If you don't do that name assigning step then you should get your pieces preserved better, like the legs will be named "Legs_1" for the first legs, and "Legs_2" for the second chair's legs, wouldn't that be more what you want?

- Michael