Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  danperk (SBEECH)
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Hi Michael,

>You mean just adding it to the Array Dir command and not to anything else?

>That's sort of hard to justify making just one array command have that special option and not other methods...

Well no, I was using that as an example.

>You may be able to solve this without re-numbering actually, try going to Options > Import/Export, and uncheck "Combine same named >objects" which is at the top:

Tried that some time ago, Same problem.

I guess what I'm getting at is Nested Hierarchy. I did another gif screen cap to show an example. I won't embed it as it may be
a little large for some. It also shows the result of the "object name separator" script you provided (Thanks).

This is why I mentioned Groups in my 1st post, my purpose being more as an open discussion, than a quick fix. Hope you understand. :)

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