Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Steve,

> I was thinking in terms of something like this:

You mean just adding it to the Array Dir command and not to anything else?

That's sort of hard to justify making just one array command have that special option and not other methods...

Then the problem with that is there are 4 different array commands, plus the Transform/Copy command, plus using Copy+Paste, plus using Ctrl+Drag on an object...

So that's kind of a lot of different areas to add some additional option like this into - some of them like Copy/Paste or Ctrl+Drag don't even have any additional UI showing up for them currently, so that could maybe mean adding in an additional stage to it to make that checkbox show up...

These are some of the issues that can tend to make it more difficult than it seems at first to just add in "one little option" ... ;)

> I use the OBJ export most often and I'm finding if I have
> multiple objects named Chair, then they need to be separated
> in my poly modeler on import which destroys the hierarchy.

You may be able to solve this without re-numbering actually, try going to Options > Import/Export, and uncheck "Combine same named objects" which is at the top:

Does that make the objects individually addressable by your poly modeler, or do you still have the same problem?

- Michael