Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  Michael Gibson
3114.2 In reply to 3114.1 
Hi Steve,

> I'm not sure of everything that you have in mind for Groups.

Well, one of the tricky areas for groups that still needs to be resolved is how the behavior works for copying things. I'm actually not that confident that particular area of groups is going to be all ironed out by the end of v2, it will probably need some tuning into v3.

> Would it be possible to add an auto number option for Objects
> to the array tool and/or Ctrl Copy?

I've tried so far to avoid automatically naming things, so that the scene browser won't just get filled up with a bunch of names and drown out the stuff you are actually interested in. So that's why there aren't things automatically assigned names like "Curve#1", "Curve#2" etc...

But if I understand correctly, in this case you're talking about an object that has started out with an existing name and you want to have its number bumped up. That sounds more reasonable, but I'm still kind of worried about mutating object properties by default...

Maybe a good solution for the time being would be a script that you could set up on a keyboard shortcut. Then you could press that shortcut key after making duplicates and the script would bump up the numbers on the duplicated objects. Does that sound like it would work?

- Michael