Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  danperk (SBEECH)
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Hi Ecuadorian,

I used Camtasia 5. Not sure what version they are selling
now but Version 5 worked well so I haven't upgraded.

Hi Michael,

I tried the round trip by exporting a parent with 2 sibling children.

On import the group reverted to 3 siblings.

My main problem is I'm using Moi for scene creation, not just for
creating objects. It works so well for this, I prefer to do everything
except textures and render/animation in Moi. The situation is that
after the texturing stage if a client decides to make changes to
the scene layout, (they always do), then I need my hierarchy to
be easy to re-arrange/edit on the textured version.

That is why I'm interest other poly software with good import choices
that Moi hopefully will support in the future.