Auto Number Object Copys

 From:  danperk (SBEECH)
3114.14 In reply to 3114.13 
>What happens if you take a model that has hierarchy in trueSpace, and export it to OBJ and then read it back in again to a new fresh
>trueSpace program instance? Do you get the hierarchy back again or is it gone?

No, it's maintained for 1 chair, that was the flaw in my thinking.

If Moi gets to this point and there is another viable export option,(fbx, dae,lwo) then it's time to shop for a new poly modeler.

For the moment the attached chair works, I can use your script on multiple copies (giving me chair_1 Chair_2 etc.), export as obj and
select down in hierarchy and from there I can select by Style (material).

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