Looped edge selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Matt, so probably on this case I would do a window select to grab all those top edges, and then deselect the ones you don't want since those are fewer in number.

That goes like this:

Sometimes you can also do a strategic deselection window as well if the ones you want to exclude are clustered together - to do that you hold down Ctrl while doing the window. But in this case they are mixed in enough that you have to click on them.

One thing that is fairly common with CAD edge chaining is to target a string of edges that are tangent with one another. But that would actually not help in your example here.

There are actually 2 possible chains that could be generated from your example - starting with this edge:

There is this one which is what you wanted:

But just chaining edges that touch the start one in any way would also make this one a possibility:

Is there some kind of a rule the chaining mechanism would try to follow to choose between multiple possibilities like this?

- Michael