Looped edge selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
3112.2 In reply to 3112.1 
Hi Matt, that is on my todo list to work on adding in to MoI, but I don't think that it's going to fit into the v2 timeframe, since I'm in a kind of "wrapping up" stage for that right now.

It tends to take a lot of time to think about issues regarding selection, one thing I tend to worry about is kind of "filling up" all the available mouse operations like double click, etc..., it can get hard to add new functions in the future if all those kinds of things are taken up already, so I tend to be a fair bit on the conservative side before jumping in to filling up things like that.

Do you happen to have an example of a model where this would help?

It tends to be helpful for me to be able to see things like that so I can test with it and get some ideas on how to approach it, instead of just thinking about it "in a vacuum".

There are actually already some helpers in place for selecting a bunch of edges to fillet rather than just clicking on each one - you can use a window selection from the side view after you have picked a single edge to start with, and also you can select faces to fillet instead of selecting individual edges, sometimes it can be easier to grab a single capping face rather than trying to select a bunch of individual edges. When you select a face, all the edges that are attached to that face will be targeted for filleting.

Examples help make these kind of things a lot more concrete though, so if you have an example please post it so I can have an actual test case to look at and think about.

- Michael