Looped edge selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
3112.18 In reply to 3112.17 
Hi Danny, so one big question I have about the chaining stuff is should it attempt to make a chain that spans across several different surfaces? Or should it only attempt to chain a set of edges along one single face like in the example earlier in this thread (http://moi3d.com/forum/index.php?webtag=MOI&msg=3112.3) ?

I think that doing one along a single face like in the example above is pretty straightforward.

If it is supposed to do more than that, I am going to need a bunch of other examples to understand how it is supposed to work with longer chains that don't necessarily hug just one face.

If I did a method where it stopped and asked you every time there was a potential branching juncture, then it seems like for the case above you would be picking a lot of them, unless there were some additional rules involved like once you have several curves on a single plane keep going in that plane, or stuff like that - those rules are an essential part of how it would work, so I would need to actually know those rules in order to make it work correctly.

I can't just make it "chain stuff automatically" - writing code does not allow for any kind of vagueness, the method of how it works has to be very specifically planned out.

- Michael