Looped edge selection

 From:  Michael Gibson
3112.12 In reply to 3112.11 
Hi Pilou,

> So for ovoid that must be name all thing and selection
> will be more easy :)

Yup, and if they all have the same name you can already use the Scene browser to select it - use the "Objects" section to select (or hide, lock, etc...) all objects of a certain name.

> Or you select an "aera box" and apply the "Array selection"

It's another interesting idea - that would be more focused on selecting things by their placement in 3D space rather than by clicking on the 2D screen.

But it's not too easy to set that up, it would need some plans on how the "volume" should be specified, like should it be a box, a sphere, a set of lines that are extruded, should it be based off of an existing object that you have drawn, should you be able to manipulate the volume by moving it around, etc... So quite a lot of issues to plan for, probably not possible until a ways in the future.

- Michael