unhide feature is changed?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3110.2 In reply to 3110.1 
Hi Jeongho,

> I just want to unhide only one object or spline.
> how can I unhide only one?

That's still possible by doing a Ctrl+click on the Hide button.

That will do a "show subset" where you get a chance to see all hidden objects and you can pick only some of them (or one of them) to show instead of all of them.

This was changed in MoI v2 because too many people found doing that "Pick which objects to show" method by default to be confusing.

So now the default is to show everything on a simple left click, but use Ctrl+click to do the old behavior.

In v2 there is also a new "Isolate" function available by right-click on the Hide button. That hides everything else except the selected objects. A second right-click later on will restore the previous state before the isolate.

- Michael