AI Export?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3108.6 In reply to 3108.5 
Hi Diego,

> It seems to me a solution for a 2D vector-graphic that includes
> shaded output (like the EPS from SkecthUp, the PDF or SVG)
> has to combine some form of hybrid - vector plus raster data;

Yeah, it seems like producing a raster part for the shaded area would be more feasible than trying to make individual vector elements for the shaded portions.

But producing raster shaded output is definitely getting into the area of "rendering" and not just exporting geometry.

Currently MoI is not focused at all on producing rendered output directly, all of MoI's existing file import and export functions are vector object based only.

Producing rendered output would possibly involve a lot of additional things just like producing any full rendered image may need a bunch of additional controls in the UI to control how the rendering is produced.

I do want to include some basic rendering in MoI in the future, but currently that is just not a focus area - to produce a rendering right now it is intended that you export your objects to a rendering program which then has a lot of things in it which are specific to rendering.

So right now I'd say that this kind of shaded PDF result falls into that same kind of category - right now it's expected that you would use some rendering program to generate that bitmap data.

- Michael