AI Export?

 From:  OSTexo
Hello Dee3,

If you want shaded models I still think it's a good idea to use MoI's AI export as opposed to just SketchUp. If you want to make an image of a model once and reuse that image to zoom in on detail it makes sense to use MoI, and use the PDF export function in Hybrid mode in Layout 7 to create that raster background. Here it is in pictures:

Step 1:
On the left we have a file exported from MoI to SU, then opened in layout and saved in PDF (Hybrid layout, raster background, vector lines), then imported into Corel. The background beige color and lines are separate entities. On the right we have the AI file exported from MoI.

Step 2:
Here is one area where MoI will be a lifesaver. As you see when zooming in on the SU file, the exported image curves are really made up of line segments. It is a ton of hand work to connect and smooth these lines and to do cleanup.

Step 3:
Here we see the export from MoI, no hidden line removal but true curves, no matter how much I zoom in, and extremely easy to close if I want to add solid colors or gradients.

Step 4:
The best of both worlds... use the raster layer from SU, Using the MoI AI export image, clean up the back lines to create the inside line vectors and the thick vector outline in ~3 minutes (a segment delete tool speeds this up tremendously), and auto center the 3 layers to create the rightmost image.

Step 5:
Scale as you like, or drop the SU raster layer and color and modify as you wish, or leave it be as shown here.

If you absolutely need background gradients you need SU in the workflow, If you're after line drawings and solid, simple gradient images you only need MoI and a vector graphics package. Hope this helps.

EDITED: 17 Nov 2009 by OSTEXO