Comeing from Sketchup to Moi

 From:  Michael Gibson
3103.2 In reply to 3103.1 
Hi FandZ, welcome to MoI!

> I'm really looking for some advice on how to proceed in
> tackling MOI as a user that has never used any 3d modeling
> software before.

Well, the best first step is to watch the video tutorials which are available here:

Watch those through and try to follow along and see if you can build the same models. That will give you a good basic overall introduction on how the toolset works, like how you build models by drawing curves, creating shapes and combining parts together.

There's also some introductory information which you can read here:

Going over that information and also the reference materials are probably a good idea as well, the reference part is here:

Just browsing through the reference to look through some of the images of what a particular command generates can help to get an idea of how things work.

But the videos are probably the fastest way to get a jump start.

> On a side note, how do you measure distances within MOI?
> I can't find a ruler or a tape measure anywhere lol...

The main way to do it currently is to just draw a line and watch the distance readout in the bottom toolbar, it will show you the distance from the previous picked point:

I do expect to add some more kinds of measurement tools in the future, but that gets the job done for now.

- Michael