Comeing from Sketchup to Moi

 From:  FandZ
Michael, thank you for your reply and links. I've actually already started on the tutorials :) I can tell it's not going to be too steep of a learning curve for the things I want to do. I was just hoping there was a from A to Z tutorial out there that I hadn't found yet. Even though I'm just useing the trial version, I'm very happy with the software. It looks and feels like the software I've been looking for. Now if it just had a Cam plugin. Boy would that be heaven. I'm sure your getting sick of the suggestions but you got a hot piece of software. So it's your fault.

Frenchy, I don't think I could leave SU if I wanted to. When I'm hammering out an idea, sketchup is the only thing I know of that lets me get my ideas out quick enough. My problem with sketchup is exporting shapes to be machined. I end having to spend a lot of time in skecthup and my cam software trying to make a dome come out smooth instead of like a crystal egg. Thanks for the new plugg in to add to my collection. Can't wait to play with it.