Comeing from Sketchup to Moi

 From:  FandZ
Hello all. I've been useing Sketchup religiously for about a year now to design things to make on my home made cnc machine. Pretty much, I've been sticking with making 2.5d models that then get exported to my cam software. A lot of the 3d items I've made in sketchup don't necessarily come out the way that I want them to once they are machined. A lot of this is to do with sketchups limitations when it comes to organic shapes. I've used solid works in the past, so I am a little familiar with some of the terminology and functions that are used in MOI. But it's been a long while since I've used solid works that it's almost like starting all over again with MOI. I'm really looking for some advice on how to proceed in tackling MOI as a user that has never used any 3d modeling software before.

On a side note, how do you measure distances within MOI? I can't find a ruler or a tape measure anywhere lol...