Slightly OT: Revit and Moi workflow

 From:  Michael Gibson
3101.2 In reply to 3101.1 
Hi Rob, I did some testing to improve the export to Revit, and it seems to be working pretty well now with some of the changes from a couple of betas ago to split closed surfaces into 2 pieces when exporting to SAT. Before that things like spheres and cylinders were not working well, but they seem to be ok now.

I don't really have enough information to answer most of your questions though.

> will it read 'styles' so objects with different materials can be exported?

As far as I know, SAT format does not exactly have regular "materials" like a named list of materials that can be assigned to objects, it only has an rgb color value that can be directly set on each object.

MoI will set those individual object colors when it writes out the SAT file, and some programs can read them but it appears that Revit may ignore them. At least it does not seem to use it in its viewport display anyway.

- Michael