Slightly OT: Revit and Moi workflow

 From:  rhodesy
Hi guys, im an architectural visualiser in an architects office and for my modelling process I tend to use archicad but also use moi alongside it to create custom objects and detail that archicad just isnt up to. I have also used moi to create some smaller buildings but have come to the conclusion that its probably not going to be suitable for all singing and dancing large buildings over many floors although groups will help this. So anyway the office is starting to get the feeling that the construction industry seems to be heading towards Revit as a bit of a standard (damn that autodesk!) and it might be beneficial if we got a seat, so im looking into it.

So my question is, is there anyone out there who uses revit and moi together regularly (I assume using SAT export import)? I have seen some of the posts here about some issues with SAT but that revit 2010 seems to handle things better. It seems like a better combination than archicad and moi so just wondering how revit interperates the moi models and if they can be used in an intellegent way, not necissarily altering the geometry but more used as assembly parts like any other native revit object? will it read 'styles' so objects with different materials can be exported?

Cheers and sorry for the rather vague questions.