Too many possible targets

 From:  Michael Gibson
3100.2 In reply to 3100.1 
Hi Mark, if you'd like to turn them off completely, you can do that in moi.ini (use the Edit .ini file button under Options > General), and edit the following setting under the [Drawing Aids] section:


Switch that to say =n to turn off those markers.

Also you can adjust the opacity if you want to make them fainter, for that lower this setting:


If you lower that to something like 40 or 20, (this is out of 255 maximum value) it will make them fainter.

Also you may want to go to the View palette and uncheck "Display hidden lines", which in addition to turning off the hidden line display will also hide the markers for points that are behind solid objects as well.

> Is there a way to cut them back to just a few, hopefully the
> ones that I'm most likely to aim for?

Yes, you can do this as well, by turning off the different object snap variants that you don't need.

Go to the Object Snap button in the bottom toolbar here:

When you move the mouse over it, an arrow will appear above it, click on that to open up this menu:

You can uncheck items there to disable particular kinds of object snaps.

So for example if you uncheck "Quadrant" there, the object snap will no longer snap to "Quad" points and there will also not be any small cross markers on quadrants as well.

But usually I would recommend just leaving them all turned on, and just ignore those little checks though. They will probably stop bothering you after a while.

If your screen is really dense with them, the problem may be that you are just showing too much stuff currently and it is getting in your way - the main solution for that is to hide chunks of your model to clear things up.

If you wait too long and work in too cluttered of a scene rather than hiding things there are all kinds of things that get to be frustrating, so it is better to try and hide things sooner rather than later.

- Michael