From:  Michael Gibson
3097.2 In reply to 3097.1 
Hi eric,

> I tried to create a surface using network
> No luck
> Rhino's 'patch' command did do it quickly and easily, though.
> Not sure what is happening here?

Well, the Network command in MoI is like the NetworkSrf command in Rhino, it is not like the "Patch" command in Rhino which does something different.

For Network (or NetworkSrf in Rhino) the curves you give it need to form a type of grid where there are 2 sets of curves crossing each other. The curves you have in this situation are like topo lines and not forming a crossing grid.

A grid type layout which could be used with Network would be more like this as an example:

The ones you posted will not work in Rhino's NetworkSrf command either, it's not the right kind of arrangement for that command.

Currently your best bet for such things is to probably use Patch in Rhino like you did, there is not an equivalent function for that in MoI yet.

- Michael