Want to know how to close the lever

 From:  BurrMan
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I fooled with this a bit. i tried to do a revolve/rail revolve but trying to keep tangency or curvature for a render was tough. So I added the red line to use to trim the end surfaces edges and break them into 2. Then I could run Blend and get a good cap with curvature.

THe other option I thought of was to just extend the sweep out further than the end was required, then just cut it off at the point wanted and run a fillet command on it.

One thing to point out here for you is if you keep your sweep path and profiles all together, it forces a kindof "forced match" that can produce that kindof pinch you have there at the end. Because the path goes beyond the profile and does wierd stuff. Move your profiles out of the bounds of the path and get better results.

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